Dartmoor Tors – C

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The Tors on Dartmoor beginning with the letter C include: Calveslake Tor, Chat Tor, Chinkwell Tor, Combe Tors, Combshead Tor, Combstone Tor, Conies Down Tor, Corndon Tor, Cox Tor, Cramber Tor, Crockern Tor, Crow Tor

Calveslake Tor – Grid ref: SX 608676 Height: 400m a.s.l.

Calveslake Tor is not a summit.



Chat Tor – Grid ref: SX 555853 – Height 542m a.s.l.

Chat Tor is pitched high on the North moor, near to Sharp Tor and Hare Tor. It could be described as small but perfectly formed. In appearance it is a finely-ribbed granite boulder, yet anchored as soundly to the rest of Dartmoor as for any other tor.


Chinkwell Tor – Grid ref: SX 729782 – 460m a.s.l.

Chinkwell Tor


Combe Tors – Grid ref: SX 522775 Height: 240m a.s.l.

Combe Tors are found just at the fringe of west Dartmoor, as you approah Boulters Tor and White Tor.


Combshead Tor – Grid ref: SX 587688 Height: 371m a.s.l.

Combshead Tor is not particularly remarkable tor in stature however its’setting provides some beautiful country and some easy walking with the shallow gradients. It plays host some of the best bouldering on Dartmoor.

Combstone Tor – Grid ref: SX 670718 – Height 356m a.s.l.

Combstone Tor is not a summit.


Conies Down Tor – Grid ref: SX 589791 – 535m a.s.l.

Conies Down Tor is not a summit.


Corndon Tor – Grid ref: SX 687742 Height: 410m a.s.l.

Corndon Tor is located just off the main spot height of Corndon Down


Cox Tor – Grid ref: SX 531762 – Height 442m a.s.l.

Cox Tor is the first tor you meet as you ascend onto dartmoor from Tavistock on the B3357 (North-side). This Tor has an ancient quarry (not Granite, in fact this Tor is a site of special scientific interest as the summit is littered with ancient pillow lavas), a trigonometric survey pillar and an ancient cairn at its’ summit. This tor provides commanding views of the North moor, immediately over-looking Roos Tor and Great Staple Tor. A very accessible and rewarding tor to reach.


Cramber – Grid ref: SX 584712 – 420m a.s.l.

Cramber Tor is best appreciated when approached from the south as its elevation is not visible from the north side.


Crockern Tor – Grid ref: SX 616758 Height: 400m a.s.l.

Crockern Tor is not a summit. It is easily reached from the car park at Two Bridges. It is historically recorded as a ‘Meeting place of the stannary parliament’. On inspedction there is nothing particularly obvious as to this honour.


Crow Tor – Grid ref: SX 607787 – Height 500m a.s.l.

Crow Tor is not a summit.