Tors of Dartmoor

Leather TorAlphabetical list of the tors of dartmoor with the ordnance survey grid reference (SX…). Click on the name of the tor to view more details and a photograph, in some cases.

The tors have been selected to include all named locations on the Ordance Survey Explorer map of dartmoor that include the word ‘Tor’ as part of their name. In addition the list includes any named location on Dartmoor National Park that sits above 600 metres in height tor or no tor. For the record a tor in its true definition should have a rocky outcrop associated with it however a height of 600m is of interest in itself. If there are any tors missing they will be added as they are located.

Exceptions to the Tor’s index

There are only a few exceptions to the naming convention found in the survey, for example ‘Sharpitor’ is a co-joined word whereas ‘Cox Tor’ (like the majority of named Tors) has the word ‘Tor’ included as a separate word in its title. In total there are 135 tors included in the index. you will see also that there a few named tors in the index that share the same name. Where a shared name exists we have denoted the name with a suffix like: ‘Named Tor..(1)’. Hopefully this should indicate to you that you may need to search deeper within the index to find the exact tor you are looking for.



Aish Tor (SX 702715 – 283m a.s.l.)
Arch Tor (SX 633 782 – 410m a.s.l.)
Arms Tor
(SX 542 862 – 457m a.s.l.)


Bag Tor (SX 762 758 349m a.s.l.)
Beardown Tor (SX 603773 513m a.s.l.)
Bel Tor (SX 696730 354m a.s.l.)
Bell Tor (SX 730778 400m a.s.l.)
Bellever Tor (SX 645764 443m a.s.l.)
Belstone Tor (SX 614921 479m a.s.l.)
Bench Tor (SX 691717 312m a.s.l.)
Birch Tor (SX 687814 480m a.s.l.)
Black Tor .. (1) (SX 573717 360m a.s.l.)
Black Tor .. (2) (SX 679635 320m a.s.l.)
Black Tor .. (3) (SX 566895 470m a.s.l.)
Blackadon Tor (SX 712734 270m a.s.l.)
Boulters Tor (SX 525 780 336m a.s.l.)
Brat Tor (SX 539855 452m a.s.l.)



Calveslake Tor (SX 608676 400m a.s.l.)
Chat Tor (SX 555853 542m a.s.l.)
Chinkwell Tor (SX 729782 450m a.s.l.)
Combshead Tor (SX 587688 371m a.s.l.)
Combstone Tor (SX 670718 356m a.s.l.)
Conies Down Tor (SX 589791 535m a.s.l.)
Corndon Tor (SX 687742 410m a.s.l.)
Cox Tor (SX 531762 442m a.s.l.)
Cramber Tor (SX 584712 420m a.s.l.)
Crockern Tor (SX 616758 400m a.s.l.)
Crow Tor (SX 607787 500m a.s.l.)


Devils Tor (SX 596796 594m a.s.l.)
Dinger Tor (SX 586881 550m a.s.l.)
Doe Tor (SX 542848 425m a.s.l.)
Down Tor (SX 580694 366m a.s.l.)



East Tor – (SX 534898 270m a.s.l.)
East Mill Tor (SX 599899 513m a.s.l.)
Eastern Tor (SX 584666 333m a.s.l.)
Eastdon Tor – (SX 729823 439ma.s.l.)


Feather Tor (SX 535741 313m a.s.l.)
Flat Tor (SX 609816 540m a.s.l.)
Fox Tor (SX 626698 438m a.s.l.)
Fur Tor (SX 588830 572m a.s.l.)


Ger Tor (SX 547831 430m a.s.l.)
Great Combe Tor (SX 522774 290m a.s.l.)
Great Links Tor (SX 551867 586m a.s.l.)
Great Mis Tor (SX 563769 538m a.s.l.)
Great Staple Tor (SX 542760 455m a.s.l.)
Great Trowlesworthy Tor (SX 580643 357m a.s.l.)
Green Tor (SX 562864 540m a.s.l.)
Gren Tor (SX 551879 510m a.s.l.)
Gutter Tor (SX 578668 340m a.s.l.)



Hameldown Tor (SX 703806 529m a.s.l.)
Hangingstone Hill (SX 617861 603m a.s.l.)
Hare Tor (SX 550842 531m a.s.l.)
Hart Tor (SX 581720 390m a.s.l.)
Hartland Tor (SX 642800 410m a.s.l.)
Haytor Tor (SX 757771 457m a.s.l.)
Heckwood Tor (SX 537738 321m a.s.l.)
Hen Tor (SX 593653 414m a.s.l.)
High Willhays (SX 580892 621m a.s.l.)
Higher Tor (SX 613917 460m a.s.l.)
Higher Hartor Tor (SX 599677 410m a.s.l.)
Higher White Tor (SX 620785 527m a.s.l.)
Hockinston Tor (SX 695719 200m a.s.l.)
Hollow Tor .. (1) (SX 731762 370m a.s.l.)
Hollow Tor .. (2) (SX 571745 470m a.s.l.)
Holwell Tor (SX 751776 402m a.s.l.)
Honey Bag Tor (SX 729787 445m a.s.l.)
Hookney Tor (SX 698813 497m a.s.l.)
Hound Tor .. (1) (SX 628890 495m a.s.l.)
Hound Tor .. (2) (SX 743790 414m a.s.l.)
Huccaby Tor (SX 657739 350m a.s.l.)
Hucken Tor (SX 549738 300m a.s.l.)
Hunt Tor (SX 557875 562m a.s.l.)



Ingra Tor (SX 555721 339m a.s.l.)


King Tor (SX 709816 480m a.s.l.)
Kings Tor (SX 556739 400m a.s.l.)
Kitty Tor (SX 567 875 580m a.s.l.)


Laughter Tor (SX 653757 420m a.s.l.)
Leather Tor (SX 563700 380m a.s.l.)
Leedon Tor (SX 563718 389m a.s.l.)
Legis Tor (SX 571656 310m a.s.l.)
Leigh Tor (SX 711714 180m a.s.l.)
Lints Tor (SX 580875 496m a.s.l.)
Littaford Tor (SX 616769 440m a.s.l.)
Little Hound Tor (SX 633899 492m a.s.l.)
Little Links Tor (SX 547870 510m a.s.l.)
Little Mis Tor (SX 564763 480m a.s.l.)
Little Staple Tor (SX 538754 380m a.s.l.)
Little Trowlesworthy Tor (SX 577646 330m a.s.l.)
Longaford Tor (SX 616779 507m a.s.l.)
Lower Hartor Tor (SX 603675 390m a.s.l.)
Lower White Tor (SX 619792 507m a.s.l.)
Luckey Tor (SX 685720 200m a.s.l.)
Lydford Tor (SX 599782 500m a.s.l.)
Lynch Tor (SX 565807 510m a.s.l.)



Mel Tor (SX 693726 346m a.s.l.)
Middle Tor (SX 669858 410m a.s.l.)
Middle Staple Tor (SX m a.s.l.)


Nat Tor (SX m a.s.l.)
North Hessary Tor (SX 579742 517m a.s.l.)


Oke Tor (SX 612901 466m a.s.l.)


Pew Tor (SX 532734 320m a.s.l.)
Pil Tor (SX 735759 430m a.s.l.)



Rippon Tor (SX 746756 473m a.s.l.)
Rival Tor (SX 643882 421m a.s.l.)
Rook Tor (SX 602617 290m a.s.l.)
Roos Tor (SX 543766 454m a.s.l.)
Rough Tor (SX 606798 547m a.s.l.)
Rowtor (SX 593916 468m a.s.l.)
Rundlestone Tor (SX 577746 480m a.s.l.)


Saddle Tor (SX 750764 428m a.s.l.)
Scarey Tor (SX 607925 365m a.s.l.)
Scorhill Tor (SX 658871 380m a.s.l.)
Shapley Tor (SX 699821 480m a.s.l.)
Sharp Tor .. (nr Yartor Down) (SX 686729 380m a.s.l.)
Sharp Tor .. (nr Ugborough Moor) (SX 649617 414m a.s.l.)
Sharp Tor .. (nr Rattlebrook Hill) (SX 550848 510m a.s.l.)
Sharpitor (SX 560703 410m a.s.l.)
Shavercombe Tor (SX 594662 350m a.s.l.)
Sheeps Tor (SX 566682 369m a.s.l.)
Shelstone Tor (SX 557898 400m a.s.l.)
Shipley Tor (SX 685632 300m a.s.l.)
Sittaford Tor (SX 633830 538m a.s.l.)
Sourton Tors (SX 544898 440m a.s.l.)
South Hessary Tor (SX 597723 450m a.s.l.)
Stannon Tor (SX 646812 460m a.s.l.)
Steeperton Tor (SX 618887 532m a.s.l.)
Steng-a-tor (SX 568880 530m a.s.l.)



Thornworthy Tor (SX 664851 424m a.s.l.)
Top Tor (SX 736762 432m a.s.l.)


Vixen Tor (SX 542742 317m a.s.l.)


Watern Tor (SX 629868 526m a.s.l.)
West Mill Tor (SX 587909 541m a.s.l.)
White Tor (SX 542786 468m a.s.l.)
Wild Tor (SX 623876 531m a.s.l.)
Wind Tor (SX 707758 375m a.s.l.)
Winter Tor (SX 609915 420m a.s.l.)


Yar Tor (SX 678740 416m a.s.l.)
Yes Tor (SX 581901 619m a.s.l.)