Yes Tor via Meldon Reservoir

Yes Tor 619m

Easily found , just off from the A30 (Okehampton/Tavistock) turn-off is Meldon, follow the signs through some very narrow lanes to Meldon reservoir car park, and the walk to climb Yes Tor (2nd highest peek on Dartmoor) can begin. This walk is achieable by anyone because of the good tracks that lay ahead however it remains one of the tougher undertakings found on Dartmoor. There is an overall height gain of 340m to gain the summit of Yes Tor, and for much of the time it exists out of sight. Push on for your reward.

Walk Description

The walk is divided into 2 distinct phases; 1) ascent of Longstone Hill, and 2) The ascent of Yes Tor. Parking at the Meldon Reservoir (SX 562917) is plentiful if early.

Good tracks along most of the ascent

The track (SX 563915) from the South side of the reservoir is obvious by its wide snake up Longstone Hill to the East. The track then snakes around Longstone itself contouring south. Keep left of any forks in the track and you will arrive at the dartmoor firing range posts.

Beware, check live-firing-times before your venture. Yes Tor 619m (SX 581902) is the ‘main’ visible peek easterly from the track. High Willhays 621m, although nearby is actually not visible until quite a way up this summit due to gradient changes. It’s up to you how you approach this summit, but consider appropriate footwear as the boulder-fields are difficult in places, and the gradient never lets up. Good luck, it’s worth it! Heading back, if planned well is downhill all the way. Try taking the route ‘over’ Longstone Hill 412m (SX 567911)

Diary Details

View from Yes Tor to Hill Willhays (South)

Weather: A pleasant/mild/warm March. Temp. 13-16 deg. The persistent SE wind in late March brought a fine day for climbing Yes Tor. Route: Takes in Meldon reservoir, Longstone Hill and Yes Tor. Noticeable event: First Tor over 600m (619m) 26-March-05. Group: Leader/+ 2 children under 10 Solo Distance: 5-6 km Time: 3hrs+.

Additional images along the way

View from Longstone Hill track

Cairn on the west side of Yes Tor summit

View north from Meldon Reservoir dam-crossing

Yes Tor summit, with Trig pillar and flag pole to denote live-firing when raised.