Two Bridges walk

This walk involves visiting only a few features but with a continuously changing scenery it is pleasant and challenging. Sticking to the public footpaths at the Two bridges you can create one circular route out of two. By walking the length of either the Beardown Tor walk or the Higher White Tor/Crocken Tor walk you can simply cross the West Dart and West Dart Leat to complete the circuit back.To cross the West Dart I recommend that you traverse toward the weir at the higher ground past the Tors. Using boulders to step-stone across the river is quite fun but potentially dangerous, be careful.

A virtually windless bright start to the February was inspiring and stayed most of the day. Route: Beardown Tor via Beardown Farm & West Dart Leat; and Higher White Tor to Crocken Tor via West Dart crossing (near weir); return to Two Bridges. Noticable event: one of the last legal hunts on Dartmoor (16-02-05). Group: 4 adults and 4 children. Distance: 10km.

Comprising: Two Bridges – Beardown Tor – West Dart Leat – West Dart River – Higher White Tor – Longaford Tor – Littaford Tor – Crocken Tor –

Walk description

Follow the wooded trail via a foot path

Parking is available at the Crocken Tor carpark or the Two Bridges hotel will accept passing trade as means of a parking fee. There is a public footpath on the North side of the road that takes you North toward Bear Down Tor, which is is a great spralling tor with three main craggy fearures seperated by approximately 100m, in a great triangle. The footpath takes you through some ancient woodland and then along the East side of a farm when it then picks up the West Dart Leat as a handrail feature toward Beardown Tor(s).

Weir on the West Dart River

Along the way you will pass through a Bronze age settlement and get views of Higher White Tor and Longaford Tor (Easterly direction), which you will be visiting in the second half of the walk.

Head East from Beardown Tor towards Longaford Tor, cross over the West Dart River. This river has a weir slightly North which may provide cause for a sensible crossing point, depending on the flow. From Longaford Tor head South towards Crockern Tor.

Crockern Tor, ancient stannary parliament

Crockern Tor is the site of an ancient stannary parliament, due to the rich Tin ore reserves in these parts several hundred years ago. Again head further South and descend to theroad and car park, perhaps for a refreshing cream tea at the Two Brdiges Hotel.

Other scenes along the way

Lichen, showing a healthy environment

Beardown Tor