Sharpitor & Leedon Tor walk

This walk on Dartmoor involves visiting four tors and several historical features, which are quite obvious along the ramble. The Cairn at Peek Hill and the settlements on Leeden Tor ascent are quite clear and ‘complete’, considering their age.

The broken top of Sharpitor, looking toward Leather Tor in the background

The car park at the start of the the walk is located part-way along the B3212 (connecting Princetown with Yelveton). The landmark for the required car park used is that it has a small pond sitting neatly beside it. You can divided the route into two separate smaller walks, one on either side of the road, making a figure-of-eight shape with the carpark at the centre.

The Tors themselves are small but perfect scrambling. There are graded climbs recorded on both Leedon Tor and Leather Tor, beware of steep edges when exploring. Both Leather Tor and Ingra Tor offer a high level ridges.

Walk Details

Carpark pond

The car park on the B3212 is noted on the OS map by a water feature and stone rows at (SX 505707). The obvious clittery tor to the SE is Sharpitor (SX 560703) 410m a.s.l. Ascend Sharpitor, either through its ridge line or to the South. The clitter makes for an awkward dynamic walking style.

View through to Burrator reservoir

As you summit Sharpitor, Leather Tor (SX 563700) 370m a.s.l. can be seen clearly ahead of you to the SE. Drop down to Leather Tor and get a great view of Burrator reservoir on your right. Leather Tor offers a great scrambling experience, beware any polished rocks.

From Leather Tor, Peek Hill and its’ cairn (SX 556699) are located west and the ascent quite surprising for a hill, plan your approach. Either retrace your steps across the Leather Tor ridge and contour around to Peek Hill or apply rule 5: man-up! and ascend directly west up to Peek Hill.

Leedon Tor

From Peek Hill you will be able to see your route North toward Leeden Tor (SX 563717) 389m a.s.l. about 2km away. Your route passes between Sharpitor and the stone row at the carpark, across the B3212, and then through a large, well-preserved Bronze age settlement.

From Leedon Tor you can see Ingra Tor (SX 555721) 389m a.s.l. as the obvious small Tor to the west. From Ingra Tor, use Sharpitor as your reference point back to the car park.

Diary Details

Bronze Age settlements

Weather: A pleasant/mild March. Temp. 9-10 deg. The first westerly wind for a while, Almost spring! Route: Takes in four tors, stone rows, settlements and provides great views of Burrator reservoir. Noticeable event: Very good example of a Cairn and stone-circle settlements (13-03-05). Group: Leader/Solo Distance: 7km Time: 3hrs+

Additional images along the walk

Ingra Tor with Leedon Tor in the background

Ingra Tor as approached from Leedon Tor

Lichen and mosses on a weathered-granite block