Roos Tor & Cox Tor

This walk involves visiting 7 features of interest and a whole heap of walking, about 3 miles by my estimate, the scenery however brings no boundaries. On top of the world within twenty minutes and in the serenity of Dartmoor and its Fauna and Flora.

This walk incorporates: Cox Tor, Roos Tor, Great Staple Tor, Middle Staple Tor and Little Staple Tor

Details of the walk were set out to be simple, yet challenging, it was designed to be undertaken alongside my seven year old son, and so escapism, with safety was the plan. Quick and simple escape routes imperative. Al though a fine February afternoon, the weather can change within a short time, a full equipment check and a pleasant stroll was all that was required at a pace set by the slowest in the group. This I went on to find out was me, the author. C’est la vie, never under-estimate the young.This walk has been peppered with interesting sights along the way, I hope that they inspire you to attempt it.

Route description

Ascend Cox Tor from the Barn Hill carpark

Use the large open car park at the sight-seeing spot at Barn Hill (SX 533 752). Cross the road and gently ascend the slopes of Cox Tor (SX 531762). The view to your right will be Middel Staple Tor (540 765) and Great Staple Tor (SX 542760). Cox Tor reaches a height of 442m and has a very unique roack type at it’s summit. They are Pillow Lavas, such as might now be found being ejected into the seas around Hawaii. They are easy to spot, basically small pillow shaped boulders scattered throughout the summit. Also at the summit can be found a large Bronze age cairn.

The view to your West will be Peter Tavy. Looking NE you will see Roos Tor (SX 543766) which takes you on to a view of the North moor. Head to towards Roos Tor by descending to the saddle pond (SX 536762) and back up North Easterly towards Roos Tor. Take care to look at some of the high moor plants that are nestled amongst the rocks. Please note the live-firing flag pole at Roos Tor. If a flag is raised then please don’t proceed any further North.

Rocks at Great Staple Tor

Turning and walking South will bring you toward Great Staple Tor (SX 542760) via a gentle down and up. Walking to the West side of the Great Staple Tor rocks is a little easier terrain than the East but take your pick. These rocks are at 455m a.s.l.

Ancient Clapper bridge

From Great Staple Tor head SSW toward Middle Staple Tor (SX 540756) which is a fairly rocky yet amenable descent. Next from Middle Staple Tor, heading SW slightly and toward the car park you will come across a large earth-working in the ground. This is an ancient tin-working that has long been disused. Looking carefully you can still find an old tinners hut at the north end of this working, a clapper bridge and the crytal clear waters of a natural spring. Follow the tin-workings South toward the road and the car park will be West by a few hundres metres.

Other pictures along the journey

Pond at saddle between Cox Tor and Great Staple Tor

Devils matchsticks nestled in the undergrowth

Middle Staple Tor

Cairn at Cox Tor summit