Pew Tor & Heckwood Tor walk

Heckwood Tor

Feather Tor

This Dartmoor walk involves visiting Pew Tor, Feather Tor and Heckwood Tor. You will also get as close to Vixen Tor as is possible without trespassing. The walk itself is only 5km long and is not demanding on any walker. It is itself an extention of the Feather Tor and Barn Hill walk, which perhaps doesn’t go far enough for the seasoned walker.

Situated just outside Tavistock on the B3357 these Tors are small in nature yet still hold the same timeless appeal of being out on the highlands of Dartmoor. With some commanding views achieved from Pew Tor on a clear day. Pew Tor’s exposed rocks and stacks offer space and adventure for children and adults to explore, without the exposure of the higher peaks. Certainly worthy of an early spring warm-up walk in readiness of the coming season.

The car park is large and is often frequented by Dartmoor ponies seeking treats from human guests. Although pleasant, the best advice for the good of the ponies and yourself is; don’t entertain their advances, they are wild afterall.

Walk references

Pew Tor

From the car park on the B3357 (SX 532751) stay on the south-side of the road and observe Barn Hill as the large featureless hill in front of you. You can either take an easy walk up to the summit of Barn Hill or instead contour around its western slopes. Either way you will arrive at the Grimstone & Sortridge Leat which is best crossed at the granite-cross which should quickly come into view.

Pew Tor

As you contour around Barn Hill apart from the far-reaching westerly views you also get to see the quite magnificent Pew Tor (SX 533735) 320m a.s.l. to the south. Before reaching Pew Tor however you will pass Feather Tor which only reveals itself from the souith side. Further south from Feather Tor is the object of this walk Pew Tor.

From Pew Tor turn and east to pick up an easy path that leads you north east to Heckwood Tor (SX 537738) 321m a.s.l.

Vixen Tor (SX 542742) 317m a.s.l. from Heckwood Tor is another 600m further on to the northeast. Please remember that Vixon Tor has no public-access rights.

Grimstone and Storridge Leat

From any point that you feel that you need to wander back to the car park, find the Grimstone & Sortridge Leat on the east-face of Barn Hill and follow northwest back to the B3357. Then follow the B3357 and follow west to the car park.

Diary details

Weather: An overcast chilled spring-day, slight South-easterly. Temp. 9 deg. Route: Pew Tor – Simple and undemanding, capturing some of Dartmoors fringe Tors. Noticeable event: Spied a spring foal, Dartmoor pony. Date: 31 March 2005. Group: 2 adults and 4 children under 10. Distance: 4 km Walk time: 2hr+.

Additional images along the walk