Great Mis Tor walk

This walk involves visiting only two Tors but with a commanding view at Great Mis Tor (538m) and a healthy 170m height gain from the car park it certainly feels good to complete. Most of the walk can be reached via the stone-track which leads up to Little Mis Tor.

Gravel track up the long ascent to Great Mis Tor, looking south

Little Mis Tor

My advice is to follow the track to the top, as the climb is pretty consistent in gradient. From the Great Mis Tor you will be able to pick out your own meandering off-the-beaten-track route back to the car park, or simply turn around and head back. If history is something you are interested in then there are Bronze age settlements to the North West and South West of Great Mis Tor.

Therefore my own route took us a few hundred metres West of the track so as to get a better view of the settlements near River Walkham, and to let the children explore the spring depression (disused tin workings). Again this walk can be accessed from the B3357, the most notable landmark being Nth Hessary TV mast.

Walk References

Great Mis Tor

From the car park on the B3357 (SX 561749) you must take a short stroll across the B3357 to find the start of the stone-track which maps out most of the ascent. Following the stone-track North for approximate. 1.5 km will get you to Little Mis Tor (SX 564753) height 485m. From Little Mis Tor the ascent to Great Mis Tor (SX 563769) is only another ten or so minutes but the view that opens up is inspiring at a height of 538m. From Great Mis Tor you will be able to make out the stone boundary works, running parallel (southerly) with the track but west by about two hundred metres. If you follow the boundary works back you will find a natural spring that has been used for historically as an opencast mine (SX 560756). The car park (SX  561749) is then only 500m south and a good 4km walk has been had.

Diary Details

Frog spawn in March

Weather: A modest Northerly, bright and breezy. Temp. 7-9 deg. Snow was still on the ground in sheltered higher points. Route: The route is simple, and a stone track leads most of the way to Little Mis Tor, and only a short amble to Great Mis Tor. Noticeable event: Frog spawn noted in a small sheltered spring 200m West of Little Mis Tor. Date:12 March 2005. Group: 2 adults and 4 children under 10. Distance: 4 km Walk time: 2hr+

Other images along the walk

Little Mis Tor

Clitter at Great Mis Tor

Middle Staple, Great Staple and Roos Tor (left to right)

Disused tin workings in foreground, Middle/Great Staple Tor and Roos Tor in the background

View from Great Mis Tor

View from Great Mis Tor

Great Mis Tor