Feather Tor & Barn Hill walk

View west from Barn Hill carpark

This easy-going walk incorporates Barn Hill, Feather Tor, Grimstone & Sortridge Leat, Vixon Tor. From the Car Park, the area to be explored (south) is not obvious as Barn Hill obscures all that lays ahead. Enjoy the gentle stroll to the top of Barn hill and the journey can be mapped out ahead of you.

This walk involves visiting only two tors Feather Tor and Vixen Tor plus handful of other Dartmoor features, most impressively a real working Bullseye Stone.

With a continuously changing scenery it is pleasant and amenable for all, with no steep hills. The walk is well bounded and the features easy to find and follow, however on the south side of Barn Hill the undergrowth can be quite thick so sticking to a path is recommended.

This walk never really ventures far from civilisation however the full beauty of Dartmoor and its offerings can still be found. The walk has loads for the youngsters to explore with Leats to step or jump across and friendly rocks to scramble on or hide behind. Not a lot more than a wet boot will spoil the walk.

Diary Details

Feather Tor from the south

Weather: A cold North Easterly drove across dartmoor but the weather was crisp and looked to stay dry. Although the wind was cold we were able to find shelter at rock points along the way. Route: The advantage of following the Leat and disused Tin Workings meant that most of the walk was relatively sheltered after the initial climb of Barn Hill; The enjoyment came the moment that the children saw the frozen spring and slow moving icy Leat. Noticeable event: Our first frozen day on Dartmoor (23-02-05). Group: 1 adults and 2 children under 7. Distance: 3 km.

Additional images along the walk

Good times x

Crag feature (SX 534746) on south side of Barn Hill

Feather Tor view from south side

Typical clapper bridge over leat, cross in background

Leat, looking North West

A leat passing over another leat (SX 535748)

Vixon Tor admired from the west

Cross (SX533 742)

Crag feature (SX 534746) on south side of Barn Hill

View of Cox Tor from Barn Hill