Cut Hill walk

This walk incorporates: Littaford Tor, Longaford Tor, Higher/Lower White Tor, Browns House Ruin, Flat Tor, Cut Hill, East Dart River

Cut Hill, named after the peat cutting of the North West Passage, Peat Pass

Everybody wants to know about the highest peaks on Dartmoor, well there are five that I know of that reach above 600m a mountain in the UK so this walk aims to reach and explore one of those peaks, namely Cut Hill (SX 598827) 603m. It is not a remarkable feature on the map but once there it is a stunning 360 degree view-point. This is where I must point out that Cut Hill sits squarely inside the Dartmoor ‘Army Firing Range‘ and because of this can only be accessed at certain times of the year. Please check before you proceed.

Frozen pool at Longaford Tor

I do not recommend that this walk be taken lightly, it is a solid trudge and you are likely to get wet feet regardless of how well you tred. I also recommend that you take a full pack and advise someone of where you are going, perhaps by route card. Cut Hill is about as remote as it gets on Dartmoor. I actually planned and executed this walk with an overnight camp to ensure that I didn’t over-burden myself. There is an ideal spot at Cut Hill Water & East Dart River (SX 614820).

Walk Details

Browns House (Ruin) (SX 615798)

This is pretty much a straight march North from Two Bridges (SX 609751) to Cut Hill (SX 598827). Allow a good three hours to get to Cut Hill (solo), more if you are travelling as a group and consider that 3-hours on means at least 3-hours off! After passing through Lower White Tor (SX 619792) tick-off features, such as Browns House Ruin (SX 614798) and Peat Pass (SX 611813) are useful for confirming your navigation as the terrain gets quite hard to read, particularly in the mist. Watch out for bogs on the second half of the walk. There is no easy way out of this walk if it goes wrong, so go prepared!

Diary Details

East Dart River nr. Cut Hill Stream

Boxing-day 2005, a cold and overcast day with a lightish easterly wind. Temp: 2 Celcius (max.) The walk took 3 hours to Cut hill, plus a further 40 minutes to the camp site at the confluence of Cut Hill Water & East Dart River (SX 614820), travelling solo, at quite a pace. Walk distance: 10km to Cut hill, 3km to campsite, plus 8km back to Two Bridges. Comment: Snow flakes settled as camp was set up, tent pole snapped. Forgot: Teabags, Spoon, Gaffer-tape. Total walking time: 6-7 hours.

Additional pictures along this walk

Littaford Tor (SX 615772)

Longaford Tor SX 615779

View North from Cut Hill

Flat Tor (SX 608816) – Appropriate descriptive name

View from Longaford Tor

View from Longaford Tor