Burrator reservoir walk

Burrator reservoir

Burrator Resevoir is a popular walk for all ages and all seasons. Perched on the South Western edge of Dartmoor national park it is a good and safe introduction to walking on Dartmoor. With scenic views of Sheepstor and Leather Tor, Forested plantations and the perfect stone architecture of the reservoirs’ dam this walk will have you wanting to seek out more of Dartmoors treasures.

Walk Description – 6km – Easy

Burrator reservoir dam

By definition of this, and in fact any large lake, it doesn’t really matter where you start, if you walk continuously with the water to your left-side or right-side you will arrive back where you started. Because of its popularity I recommend that you simply find your own way around this feature. The reservoir offers plenty of parking opportunities, particularly on the South West side, near the dam, and from here you can choose which side of the lake you wish to challenge first.

Step off the road and into the cooling forest.

My advice is that wherever possible you make a break from the roads and head into the reservoirs forested regions, where you will find that you can track (hand-rail) the edge of the lake within a few metres at most points. The walk should take no more than 2-3 hours if not rushed and will present plenty for young and old to enjoy, from small streams, trees, meadows and scenery. Your footwear and clothing need not be too arduous as most tracks are level and easy underfoot. As always check the weather.

Diary Details

Weather: A pleasant/mild/August March. Temp. 18-19 deg. light SW wind. Route: Followed a clockwise direction from the dam. Followed road until a footpath led down to the lake-side. Noticeable event: Missed the stream-crossing at the Northend, so steppy-stoned across, lots of fun. Group: Leader + Adult & 4 children under 10 Solo Distnace: 6 km Time: 3hrs

Additional images from around the reservoir

On the SW bank is a man-made dam feature and sometimes beach

Burrator reservoir