Brat Tor walk

This walk involves visiting eight features of interest and a whole heap of walking, about ten kilometers by estimation. The scope of the walk is a simple loop, yet with a challenging height gain and overall distance. The route is planned that once you have climbed to the highest point Great Links Tor at the start of the walk, you will only ever have to walk on a plateau or downhill to the River Lydford, nearby to civilisation and then to escape at the nearby Inn, where the carpark is situated.

Give yourself a solid six hours of ambling, as the ascent is quite a breath-taker. Take it slow on the initial climb, and you will reap the benefits of the rest of the walk, which will be rewarded for the rest of the journey.

Walk description

From river Lyd looking East, Brat Tor on right

Park at the free car park (SX 525852), just up the unmetaled track by the side of the Dartmoor Inn. From the car park, walk East until you reach the river Lyd where you will find a foot bridge and/or stepping stones to cross. If the weather is fine you will see Brat tor (and widgery cross) about one kilometer ahead to the East. You can reach this via the bridal way that meanders up hill.

View to Great Links Tor

From Brat tor (SX 539856) 452m a.s.l. head NE for approximately 1.5 km until you reach Great Links Tor (SX 550867) 586m a.s.l. There are some good climbs at Great Links and you will  have more than warmed up by the time you reach this rather interesting crag. That is also the end of all the major height gain. Heading on NE you will cross a  wide track and cuttings and a little further will reach Hunt Tor (SX 557874) 562m a.s.l.

Steng-a-Tor with Logan Rock perched high on the left.

From Hunt Tor head East again for approx. 1km until you reach Kitty Tor (SX 567874) 584m a.s.l. From Kitty Tor looking EAst the terrain drops rather rapidly, across the valley you can see Lints Tor (due East) and High Willhays (due North East). Turning due North

and handrailing the valley you will shortly reach Steng-a-Tor and Logan Rock (SX 568879). Turning West for nearly 2km you will reach Gren Tor (SX 551879) and Logan Stone. It is worth mentioning that a Logan Stone is one which will ‘rock’ if you stand on it, have-a-go!

Great Noddwn appraoched from the NE

From Gren Tor and looking WSW Great Nodden (SX 539873) 437m a.s.l. is the great Whale-back rounded hill approximately 1.25km away. The challenge is to gain this hill without losing to much height. From Gren Tor it is best acheived by following the well-laid tracks first heading NW, then W, then SW. At Great Nodden you will find some bronze age Cairns.

Head SSW off of Great Nodden, handrailing the river Lyd until you reach the track back to the carpark and maybe the Dartmoor Inn.

Other features along the way

Hunt Tor

River Lyd, stepping stones

View of Arms Tor

Gren Tor, approached from the East

Cairns on Great Nodden