Self-guided walks

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Cox Tor Walk: 3-4 Hours
Incorporating; Cox Tor – Cox Tor Cairns – Roos Tor – Great Staple Tor –  Middle Staple Tor – Local (Disused) Tin Workings

Cheese Wring walk (Bodmin Moor): 3-4 Hours
Incorporating; Minions (Nr. St Cleer) – Hurlers Stone Circles – Cheese Wring – Bronze Age mining, settlements & burial chambers – 19th Century Tin and Copper Mining

Feather Tor walk (B3357): 2 hours
This walk is short, simple and full of history and enjoyment for the kids, some modern-day controversy too. It incorporates; Barn Hill, Feather Tor & Vixon Tor

Little Mis Tor (B3357) & Great Mis Tor walk: 2 Hours+
Walking up to these two Tors is long and pretty much a 1:12 gradient all the way. The good thing is that the well laid track to Little Mis Tor will have you ready and warm for the final ascent (538m)

Yes Tor walk (A30/nr. A386): 3 Hours+
This walk takes you through some of the most picturesque and challenging short-hikes of Dartmoor. It incorporates; Yes Tor 619m, which is officially a UK mountain.

Burrator reservoir walk: 2-3 Hours
Incorporates; Burrator Reservoir (Yelverton), Views of Sheepstor & Leather Tor
Burrator reservoir is a popular place for walkers and cyclists at any time of year. Its’ easy tracks and forests are safe, whilst offering a guaranteed 2-3 hours walk around the lake. Plenty to see and do for all ages. Parking can get a little hectic during the holiday season but well worth it in the sun because of its’ shady trees.

Leather Tor Walk: 3 Hours
This route incorporates; Sharpitor, Leather Tor, Devonport Leat, Black Tor, Leedon Tor. Leather Tor is one of the unsung heros of Dartmoor, a real alpine ridge of a Tor, and well worth the outing if you are feeling a little adventurous.

Brat Tor walk: 5-6 Hours
This route is varied but longer than szome of the others. It incorporates the River Lyd, Bray Tor, Great Links Tor, Hunt Tor, Kitty Tor, a Logan Stone (rocking stone) and Great Nodden (a whale-back hill)

Two Bridges walk (B3357): 3-4 Hours
This route incorporates; Two Bridges, Beardown Tor, Crocken Tor, Devonport Leat, West Dart River. It offers a mix of rural life with the raw splendor of Dartmoor and its’ namesake river.

North Hessary Tor walk: 2 Hours+
This walk is moderate in length and involves a long sustained walk up to North Hessary Tor. Once there the view is about as reaching as could be expected from a site chosen for a tv mast. It incoporates; North Hessary Tor (B3357), Rundlestone Tor, Hollow Tor & Stone Rows

Sharpitor and Leedon Tor walk: 3 Hours+
This walk involves visiting four Tors and a multitude of historical features, which are easily observed throughout the walk. The Cairn at Peek Hill and the settlements on Leeden Tor ascent are quite obvious and ‘complete’, considering their age. It incorporates; Sharpitor (B3212), Leather Tor, Peek Hill, Leeden Tor, Ingra Tor

Pew Tor walk: 2 Hours+
A short exploratory walk to some of the more accessible Tors on Dartmoor. Just as beautiful yet available to pretty-much everybody. Pew Tor reaching only 320m still gives those commanding views you’ll come to love. Incorporating; Pew Tor (B3357), Heckwood Tor, passing feather tor & vixon tor.

Cut Hill walk: 6-7 Hours
Incorporating; Cut hill (Walk/Camp), Littaford Tor, Longaford Tor, White Tor(s), Browns House, Flat Tor & Cut Hill. A long walk, not to be taken lightly but to be rewarded with a sense of achievement. This peak is one of the highest (603m) and most remote on dartmoor. Please check army firing times before commencing, and go prepared, perhaps for an over-night camp!