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Crystal clear emerald-tinged pools

Crystal pool

Crystal pool

We often describe Dartmoor as holding a rugged beauty and for the most part that remains true and helps us appreciate the harshness of some of the environment. Every now and again Dartmoor offers something new to the eye, something unexpected, perhaps only for a short period in time, just like these crystal clear emerald-tinged pools.
This pool found at Holne Moor SX 675698 is approximately one metre deep and is alive with flora found in only the healthiest of wild water features.
It is in an old tinning excavation and continuously fed with fresh water from the moor it has managed to avoid becoming peat-stained.

Tinners Mortarstone

Tinners Mortarstone, Plym StepsEarly tin streamer worked their tin ore on site. They would crush the tin-baring gravel in a block of granite hollowed out and used as a mortar, in much the same way as a mortar and pestle are used in the kitchens.

Occassionally you can still find discarded mortarstones in old tin-streaming areas. The best places to find them are nearly always near to an old tinners hut within a tin-streaming valley.

This example was found at Plym Steps tucked into the hillside by an old tinners hut.