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Summer Solstice sunrise at Merrivale double stone row

It’s been a long time coming, to muster the will to visit Merrivale double stone rows on the morning of the summer solstice. I felt partly righteous and also bemused at what I expected. The weather was perfect, a high pressure dominating and clear skies forecast. It had to happen this year.

Summer Solstice at Merrivale Bronze Age Stone rows

Sunrise was predicted for 5.05am however it turns out that it doesn’t rise properly above the ridge of Little Mis Tor until 20 minutes later.  Regardless, I was soon to witness Merrivale bathed with the sun’s warm golden glow on a breezy June 21st 2017.

I was drawn to Merrivale to seek out a connection with the Bronze Age people and their mystical stone rows and waited patiently to see if a secret could be captured out of this moment when the sun reaches it’s highest on the Little Mis Tor ridge. I wasn’t disappointed when I realised that the cairn on the Mis Tor profile can be seen clearly from the stone rows, and appears to demark the line of sight through the small kistvaen found along the stone row. Maybe my imagination but I similarly noticed that two of the stones encircling the kistvaen also made a plausible link to the rising sun.

I’m sure there was a plan for the placement of these ancient stones, on this rather plain hill. I’d be surprised if I’m right but I went there to connect and I found my connection. A worthy experience and one that I will repeat some day, perhaps to find the real meaning to the stones of Merrivale.